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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many photographs are taken on the day?

Never less than 200 but I keep shooting until I am happy.

Q: How can we view our photographs?

I can provide an album with prints or upload shots to my web site for you to view -
please visit client area.

Q: How do I order prints?

I supply printed forms with albums or prints can be ordered directly from my website.

Q: How many photographs do we get in our album?

This depends on the number of pages you have in the album and the number of shots per page. On average there are between 50 to 90 shots for a 20 page album. 20 pages equals 40 sides.

Colin Willoughby has been photographing weddings for over 20 years and still treats each one as a unique and special occasion.
His style of photography is both unobtrusive and spontaneous allowing him to observe and photograph a wedding as it unfolds.  
Working quietly and without fuss he captures the feel and the look, along with those special unscripted moments, that makes your wedding special
Colin is available for weddings nationally and internationally.

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